Thread​-​less Seams

by Alien Seven

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released July 19, 2006



all rights reserved


Alien Seven Florida

Alien Seven is a Alternative Folk band, who's sound is based in alternative thinking and a desire to push the limits of telephonic capacity. The group is melodically grounded, taking advantage of every opportunity to draw others into their sound. Their lyrics embrace spirituality and an existential Theocentric journey. ... more

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Track Name: UIY 1139
and all the things that I wish that I could have said
before I said goodbye
would never have revealed the truth I feel
uninhibited and removed from my lies

only time will tell if this is really love
these games we play and masquerade
time will keep the score
the end will come for sure
and you and I will surely fade

hold me tonight baby
it's so good to have you here
the innocence
in the eyes of your best friend

messages we send
Track Name: Satire, MS
follow the illusions that I don't understand
dreams are such diversions according to your plan
mysterious visions that I can't forsake
what do you see with your eyes shut so tight?
hold it all together
this thing has got to last
mississippi moments
sex in a room of glass
eyes in the mirror that ain't got no name
neverever land is calling and I ain't ready

I ain't ashamed of who I kiss
love's a shot of interracial bliss
satire mississippi

your holy book and self righteous look
voices in the silence
the humble want to cry
the poor dine tonight
cheap wine will flow again
the clatter of their laughter pounds through this heart of tin

I ain't ashamed of who i kiss
love's a shot of interracial bliss
satire mississippi
Track Name: Now You Stay
once again she feels him smile
pilots steer and fly for a while
young girls pass
the old man cries
ever fresh before closed eyes

all they say is waiting for you
what you could and cannot do
hands full up
firm and high
the dew and tide
the ocean dry

there's nothing here for me to be
I live the world broadband TV
a flower falling from the moon
the stairs that leave the waiting room

with jet black boots and leather gloves
beaten black and blue with love
make the corner and look for me
the cost of what just isn't free

no one gets the smile you wear
no one even tries to care
no one thinks to listen deep
no one hears the secrets that you keep

so why can't you just leave me alone?
Track Name: Brothers
the played out news
that nags us through the wires
wooden screws
and songs about the fliers
he was the one he seemed to be
tragedy behind the smile
poster boy for deity
purple nailed to the tree
to walk the extra mile

will you ever smile again?
nero's fires burn for you

cast the dice for wooden swords
plowshares overthrowing lords
the poor will rise tonight
the masks that fit
what has nero lit
into the evening sky
Track Name: Bultmann
recognize the unity
lost in the diversity
developmental progress
the critical summation
assessing the dualism of all that happens here
is there any way to simply take a chance?

the second is the one
building till they come
when will they come?
I'm not waiting anymore

space and time so sensuous
walking hand in hand
the critical theology
the function purpose role
lost in paradise and dreams
the floor
the plans
the thread-less seams
what about the dream?
what about your dream?

I'm so in love with
why don't you love me?
Track Name: Sand
sing for you a million love songs
sing for you
sing for a million years
sing for you a million love songs
sing for you
sing to stop your tears
stop your fears
spend a million years

rise up from the slumber of a cold winter's night
sleep through the hurricane till the moon shows it's light
and I'm with you

lay with you in a field of cold and fire
dance with you as the flames rose higher and higher
you're my one desire
Track Name: Sarah
there she is manic depressed
there she is scantily dressed
like the rain that comes into a sunset
and i flow through my pen
now and again
just to haunt you

go go
drive too fast
too slow
the past is gone
now we belong in the future of death row
the melody you're making
the virginity you're taking
tires turning
baking on the asphalt

this shadow's fading fast
and I've got nothing that will last
future try avoid the past
somehow i know you
somehow you know me
demon memory
infant fantasy
hold you in my arms
kiss away the charms
safe from all alarms

there she is manic depressed
out on the ledge scantily dressed
she'll give you her soul
for a small toll
take control
but she'll haunt you
Track Name: Wine Without the Glass
jesus is your hero
you want to be like him
the pointed lies and alibi's
to cover up your sin
enough of this cryin'
it's time you lost control
anger and depression
are all that's in my soul
just as I was I couldn't even plead
just as I was I couldn't even bleed
let's put an end to the weeping
put and end to the war
they've come to plunder
but I say we restore
restore this love

pale eyes so hungry
the glass without the wine
momentary madness (integrity in conflict)
set free in time
birth place of the greatest
the unknown soldier's grave
poor moms send their kids to war
and so they die to save
on a hill far away he lay down to die
on a hill far away she lay down to die

amaze the world with the sound of peace
amaze the world with the sound of grace
Track Name: The Withering Nightstand
there's nothing left
why say goodbye
just walk out and leave her to cry
the bedside table was so near
each time he came the words were clear
night stands naked
night stands make it safe
nightstand's naked
nightstand's make it safe
and I miss you

possible for you to see in the dark
reach out and get condom mints
we are the brothers to beds
all that's said
and yes we hold alarm clock time
we've got nowhere to go
and when you left you left me too
beside this bed I wait for you

oh i miss that bedside table
but now I've gone
went my own way
she wasn't worthy of that table
wasn't worthy of my kiss
I'm so glad I left that girl
the bedside table's all I miss
Track Name: Plus
the moonlight blew a kiss to you
and the dove flew in a hurry
their holding on with fingers crossed
while trying to not to worry
these swords and jewels that are bought and sold
ain't worth a silver mansion
and heaven's stairs
like hells highways
are lost to good intentions
and she smiles and takes my breath away
and god's glory shines
god's glory shines down again
these cars and bars that line the beach
keep the end just out of reach
the weather channel starts to preach about the day ahead
and hands that kill and knees that kneel
ain't afraid of what is real
the cartoon network tells me what to feel
and the words i should have said
but calling out is hardly fair
i spent my life in judgements chair
the payoff came and i took every dare
and now love is in my head
Track Name: Would it Really Matter
have you asked yourself the questions for which you have the answers?
would it really matter if jesus was a dancer?
did he make the wine and say the father's prayer?
did he rip the veil in two and were thorns pressed in his hair?

i believe with fear and trembling

is it really faith at all if you know everything?
through the cloudy glass I see the servant is a king
i still have my doubts and I question what I feel
I don't know what it's all about but I know it is real

I wake up
demons haunt me
am I leading men astray?
the path to hell is rock and roll and still I go this way
the devil in a red dress reaches out and pulls me gently near
the weeping and the wailing
what the hell are they selling
when I all I feel is fear
Track Name: Spodie-Oatie
I've been living on the edge of the world
I've seen the pretty face of a southern girl
the highway runs through my front yard
the work comes easy but the love is so hard

so come on night
let the darkness fall
I've seen the writing on the wall
I ain't got nothing but I want it all

the stairway leads to a two room flat
she takes my hand across the welcome mat
silence is golden in a liquid filled glass
the floor gets the clothing and time gets to pass

I've seen the light
the light of day
the light that turns no one away
it lays it down and picks it up
it breaks the bread and fills the cup
it knocks and it asks and it seeks and it finds
and it gives and it gives and it gives till there's no more
Track Name: Until She's Still
this mirage
a mystery in ink
enchantment twist
a diamond break
it's calling out to me with every move I make
there is a calm in this wind
like a sacrifice
why do your hands shake?
all the comedy is in life
the flash
the brilliance in your eyes
watch the interrogation in your sleep
mountains rise
fly with black wings unfurled
out of the smoke
out of the ash
arrow smile
delicate breath
close your eyes
still see the flash
a painted body laying slain
the grapes upon the vine
stolen by a twist of the road
stagger on beneath the load
mourning until she's still
Track Name: That We Might See
the tightening of the eyes in the deepest yawn
the strand of hair that shifts as the wind blows on
the boots half tied at the bottom of the suit
the color of flower
taste forbidden fruit

the fallen angel
that begs to try
tell me what to do
but tell me why
all the hands are held
all the hearts are given
spring time love and winter rain
I've seen the light
I'm blind tonight

the dread of getting up
begin again
handcuffs of love
don't worry about a thing
twist and bend blue fusion
the glitter twinkle spark
found you on the ground
lay there in the dark

the kiss you gave straddling
pyramids to the sky
tell me what to do
but tell me why
all the hands are held
all the hearts are given
spring time love and winter rain
I've seen the light
I'm blind tonight
Track Name: The Great Musician
dead end conversations
I'm not sure I'm able
dropping dimes
the sunday times
and tips after the meal
no one was looking
when I said hello
I still want you
and I'm the one you lied to

niceville's not that nice a place
the folks aren't friendly like you'd believe
and if you don't have the cash you might as well leave
or go to hell

where amazing grace is not a race
the little fish are free
and you are not so beautiful
take my hand
my soul start
and I'm the one you lied to