This is the Best Right Now Will Ever Be

by Alien Seven

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released July 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Alien Seven Florida

Alien Seven is a Alternative Folk band, who's sound is based in alternative thinking and a desire to push the limits of telephonic capacity. The group is melodically grounded, taking advantage of every opportunity to draw others into their sound. Their lyrics embrace spirituality and an existential Theocentric journey. ... more

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Track Name: Love is a Ghost
You never wanted me

You saw inside of me

You pushed your seed in me
Now I cannot be

This love is haunting me

I'll turn my hate on you
Use my hate on you

My love is dead
And all that's left is a ghost
Track Name: On the Other Side
I took one last look at your picture
before I closed my eyes
I remembered the time together
how the time together flies
the dreams and screams of nighttime
for one so far way
trying so hard all I can do
not to relive yesterday

the city can be so brutal
the masses and the game
faceless souls 'round street signs
I can only breath the name
so whose to speak for justice
with skeletons on the street
so whose to fight the system
if you're punished when you speak

my eyes are rolling back now
your voice comes out at last
now we're hanging out together
and not just in the past
Track Name: The Adamantine Tower
am I indifferent to the difference
am I afraid enough to look you in the eye
wasn't I the one who "got" you
wasn't I the one who understood you

is it love or hate that keeps this tower from falling
you tell me cause I don't know
it's either your love or your hate
its yours

start this over with another
leave me yearning to drown in your wake
but don't heed my words
they're dripping with bitterness
drowning in the hollowness
lost in the darkness of memory

i don't want memory
your indifference it shines through when I want you
Track Name: Into Darkness
cut off from you no more remembered
cut off from you though I surrendered
cut off from you my joy is ended
darkness is my closest friend

burning hands my lovers beat me
burning hearts my friends forsake me
burning eyes I know you see me
I'm numb
I'm blind
I'm left for dead

I know your watching
you know that I know that you put me here

does the dead rise up to greet thee
does your blessed mother love me
will this pain and sorrow stay me
love and hate are incomplete

Shekinah you surround me
Shekinah you sustain me
Shekinah you protect me
out of light the darkness comes

out of light the darkness comes