Spirit Insurgency

by Alien Seven

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released September 7, 2010



all rights reserved


Alien Seven Florida

Alien Seven is a Alternative Folk band, who's sound is based in alternative thinking and a desire to push the limits of telephonic capacity. The group is melodically grounded, taking advantage of every opportunity to draw others into their sound. Their lyrics embrace spirituality and an existential Theocentric journey. ... more

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Track Name: The Apothecaries Measure
scripting lines
trips of valor make us blind
animated visions of reality help us see all that we can be
this frailty

drop from the height and fall
looking for a cure
that's all
apothecary teeth
and I will live forever more

collared suit
pearl white skin shakes
impressions of mortality
holy water
gothic lake

you give the pain and virgin's take
your end is near for heaven's sake

kin to blue and kin to red
the kiss of blood and all she said
I'm the living dead
deep inside your dreaming head
touch and taste and fly with me tonight

old fashioned dirges sing
ghoulish voices
bat like wings
holes for boxes
karma demands that I be good
but all I do
I wish I could
could I gain immortality?
Track Name: Prisoner 666
and I will take your love regardless of the cost
destroy your purity till your innocence is lost
toad upon the grass
waiting patiently
jack daniels for mass
and shotgun dignity
cartoon background noise
solitaire by candlelight
jagged metal in your spine
blood dripping from the bite
and jesus
where are you
in this muddled disarray
don't you hear their cries for me
in the simple words they say
praying for me in this place
concrete and steel cell
all the loneliness and pain
two doors down from hell
they abuse me twice a day
and I've tried so hard to resist
I think about the dreams I had and all the goals I've missed
well sure I said I was sorry
but you know I think I lied
I love my evil wicked ways
and I don't care you died
jesus where are you
I said the prayer and I asked you in
but all i want to do is return to my sin
don't you want to change this beast
I'm still the vulture's snake
won't you take this heart of stone and save me from the fire lake
they say that you forgive
something about a second chance
you know that's what I need
you know my circumstance
sprawled out in this stall
all naked
and confused
am I just a worthless life
meant to be abused
before you give your pardon
think twice about the state I'm in
when all I want to do is return to my sin
return to my sin and start all over again
Track Name: Nothing is Nothing
planets rise and wind blows sound
leaves are scattered
lost and found
to be
raise our hands all glory bound
lives are shattered
lost and found
like me
I wish that you could give me peace
cared enough to wipe these tears and bloodshot eyes
throw your net I'm on the other side
not so tough full of fears and foolish pride

stay my soul

I don't love you
need you
want you
go away
I won't cave
I'm here suffering
all alone
with and without you
another day of self inflicted suffering

stay my soul

I'm not giving in

vagabond beggar castaway
slurred and fallen all the things i say
sand spayed neutered and turned to gray
I'm not the same when you're away
Track Name: Rare Americana
wooden spokes carry bright painted folks
tongue tied misfits with a thousand jokes
on a highway from hell to your sleepy town
just one of the stops where the show slows down
young boys and dancers and the children on the wheel feel nothing
feel nothing strange at all

soul shakes
the song it makes

sword in her belly like a triple nipple chest
are here for you to view
much to our disgust
drinking whiskey
drinking water
drinking dust

soul shakes
the song it makes

blind fortune teller reads from the bones
three more balls to go
quarters till you go
moments till you go
freaks freaks freaks
putting on a show
freaks putting on a show

soul shakes
the song it makes
Track Name: Mother Mary
mary's tapping at the door
says their coming after her
mary's knocking at the door
says their coming after her
mary's beating on the door
says their coming down the hall
mary's kicking on the door
her screams of terror fill the hall
mary's clawing on the door
blood and bones and cries of pain
don't let her in
her body falls against the floor
some poor sinner made a score
all is fair in love and war
from the flesh the soul is tore
everyone dies
I stood there listening all along
you know I'm right and you know I'm wrong
don't you judge my apathy
you're just as guilty
wait and see
you don't care
you say I'm gonna burn in hell
you don't care
Track Name: A Letter to Charlie Pace
replaced the strings a thousand times
the old guitar still sings
I play this on the radio
the messages it brings
ironic that we learn to swim
so we can learn to drown
lost to everything
the lonely aliens come down

I'm alive

the duty of a brother
see my future
stay my fate
alive without and dead within
the memories we make
the plunge awaits
our separate fates
a painted mystery
you never lost
you never fell
my mistakes are all redeemed

I'm alive

deep within your eyes I swim
I pull your lines apart
stop and stare
the naked bare
love within my heart
together we are so complete
this is the mystery
I am your lust
you're my desire
and we were meant to be

I'm alive
Track Name: A Way Away From This Condition (in case there is resurrection of the flesh)
misty was a immigrant from a small town south of dallas
she got a job pouring red red wine every friday from a chalice
her nights were spent with wandering the streets above the station
god oh god I gotta find a way from this condition

I'm not here
you're not anywhere
I can touch you with my mind

misty gave a savior's slave
she never lost her talent
the world turned and passions burned
the wine still filled the chalice
her innocence in her defense all texas looked to dallas
but it ain't easy when you're in love
it ain't easy letting go

I'm not here
you're not anywhere
I can touch you with my mind

why do you haunt me
why do you dare
why do you haunt me
why do you care